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Crafting the look and feel of a website or interface is what I do best, reducing the complexity and clutter that often overwhelms. I carefully consider even the smallest of details, the combination of which add up to produce delightful experiences for the user.

User Interface (UI)

I take an iterative approach to establish the final look and feel of the experience. I provide highly polished interfaces with careful consideration for technology or device constraints, to ensure the designs presented can be achieved at the development stage.

Wireframing / Prototyping

This ranges from rough sketches to lay out the structure and get a feel for how things fit together, to high fidelity clickable prototypes of your designs to allow iteration and refinement to take place before development begins.

Design Systems

I provide Design Systems that set out a core set of principles for your team to follow. This will allow the design to scale as your business grows and will help maintain the consistency and integrity of the design.


Focused on front-end development I translate designs into accessible, performant code which scales across the myriad of today's devices. I provide websites, applications, prototypes for user testing or component libraries for development teams.

Vue / Nuxt / React / Next.js

I can provide a Single Page Application which hooks up to your existing API or a blazing fast staticly generated site which pulls content from your CMS. You can hire me for one off projects or on a contract basis to work alongside your development team, to work on new features or improve existing code.

HTML / CSS / JavaScript / TypeScript

I take designs and produce pixel perfect, accessible, performant code which will help minimise work for your development team. These templates can then be plugged into a CMS or tech stack of your choice by myself or your development team.

Component Libraries

I build maintainable Component Libraries which contain all the building blocks of your website or application. This library of components acts as a reference for your developers to increase their productivity, reduce code duplication and improve the consistency of your UI.

Headless CMS Integration

Your website is only as good as its content, so it makes sense to equip content editors with a platform that empowers them and has the flexibility to meet their ever changing needs. I choose systems that meet these needs but also work with any budget.


With a super customisable editor built in React, Sanity is a great choice for structuring the UI around your exact content editing needs. Integration is quick and Sanity comes with great built in features, such as image transformations, a CDN for speeding up image loading and GraphQL support for querying content.


Prismic allows you to take the custom editing experience further with a component based approach, you will be able to drag and drop and reorder blocks of content to create highly customised pages, which are consistent with your design. It also includes image optimisation which ensures fast loading speeds.


I can advise you on the best choice of technology for your project, areas for improvement on existing projects or assistance if your website or application is running slow. I provide accessibility audits, which breakdown how useable your application or website is for people with physical or visual impairments.

Performance Audit

I can review your existing project, to find possible bottlenecks at all stages of the product lifecycle, from development to deployment, and come up with a clear plan of action that will help your development team improve performance.

Accessibility Audit

I will review your existing project, to find potential problems with accessibility, identifying key areas like colour contrast, missing or misused aria attributes or poor keyboard navigation. I will present a detailed plan of fixes and improvements to ensure your site is accessible for everyone.